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I'm back with another styling video for you! I asked you on my Instagram what cities/countries you will be visiting this summer and you sent me so many responses! In this video I will show you what to wear in Los Angeles, what to wear for NYC summer, Mallorca and Greece outfit ideas, how to pack for Napa Valley and so many more. Great packing tips for international travel after you get vaccinated. Let me know what you want to see next!

Thanks so much, Jenn Im for this amazing video idea!

Jenn's Recent What Would Jenn Wear Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkenNV-CC30

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Bonus Outfit:
Nensi Dojaka Top: sold out
Black High-Waisted pants: https://bit.ly/3hnj0WO
Song of Style Mia Heel: https://www.revolve.com/song-of-style-mia-heel-in-black/dp/SOSR-WZ32/?d=Womens§ionURL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.revolve.com%2Fsong-of-style-shoes%2Fbr%2F08e7ee%2F%3Fnavsrc%3Dleft&code=SOSR-WZ32

Paris Outfit:
Outfit 1:
SJYP Striped Shirt (similar style): https://bit.ly/3hkHqAd
Chanel Ballet Flats
Agolde Jeans: https://bit.ly/3qxOduO
Black Belt (similar style): https://bit.ly/3w5Bcd0
Gucci Bucket Bag (similar style): https://bit.ly/3w6vPdq

Outfit 2:
Chanel purse (similar style): https://bit.ly/2UfmsLb
Song of Style Set (similar styles): https://www.revolve.com/song-of-style-elma-jacket-top/dp/SOSR-WO2/?d=Womens&page=1&lc=59&itrownum=15&itcurrpage=1&itview=05 and https://www.revolve.com/song-of-style-sophia-jacket/dp/SOSR-WO35/?d=Womens§ionURL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.revolve.com%2Fsong-of-style%2Fbr%2F100aa8%2F&srcType=dp_recs_expanded and https://www.revolve.com/song-of-style-lyric-top/dp/SOSR-WS26/?d=Womens&page=1&lc=12&itrownum=27&itcurrpage=1&itview=05&size=XL
Chanel Slingback heels: https://www.therealreal.com/products?keywords=chanel%20sling%20back&color%5B%5D=10

Napa Valley:
Self-portrait dress (another orange dress option): https://bit.ly/3y59NJr
The Row Barely There Heels: https://bit.ly/3jo9LZj

New York:
Orseund Iris Top: https://orseundiris.com/collections/tops/products/lady-top?variant=28088980930634
Levi’s Jean Skirt:https://bit.ly/3h59PeL
Adidas Gazelle Shoes: https://bit.ly/3qCzIWl
Vintage Dior Purse: https://www.therealreal.com/products?keywords=dior%20purse

Mallorca and Mykonos:
Outfit 1:
Song of Style Nelson Top & Lucinda Pant: sold out
Song of Style Ivette Sandal: https://www.revolve.com/song-of-style-ivette-sandal/dp/SOSR-WZ34/?d=Womens&page=1&lc=3&itrownum=1&itcurrpage=1&itview=05

Outfit 2:
Song of Style Mitzi Dress: sold out
Saint Laurent Heels (similar style):https://bit.ly/3AbxC4g
Dior Purse (similar style): https://bit.ly/2Uehqil

Los Angeles:
Vintage Oversized T-Shirt
Song of Style Lila Short: https://www.revolve.com/song-of-style-lila-knit-biker-shorts/dp/SOSR-WF22/?d=Womens&page=1&lc=4&itrownum=1&itcurrpage=1&itview=05
High-Top Converse: https://bit.ly/3qCEhzX
Prada Purse: https://bit.ly/366ubhi

Check out my house tour update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlHPMAQwtjQ&t=1s

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