Sashiko Live Streaming, November 13th 2020 // I will not change what I do in Sashiko

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This is an archive of Sashiko Live Streaming in English, on Friday November 13th.

I am realizing... and I come to realize that this is the Live Streaming I need to keep saying the same thing over and over. It has been my intention to offer some new information every-time I am in the Live Streaming. However, often, I end up with talking to the same story.

Thread Does Matter.
What kind of fabric is good for Sashiko.
What is Boro & Sashiko.

I will ask you at some point what kind of Live Streaming you want me to offer. The same messages over and over - or something new everytime I am on Live.

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[The links I talked about in the Live Session]

Difference between Boro and Sashiko

The Sashiko Online Class is still available for the month of October.

I share much more honest & personal story about Sashiko on Patreon. I appreciate your support there.

All of the supply & tools I use & recommend in the Live Streaming is available in our store.

Thank you for your support in passing down the Sashiko.

#Sashiko #SashikoLive #SashikoLiveStreaming #刺し子

+++++ Regular Schedule For Live Streaming after September 2020 +++++

Every Friday Starting at 8 am EST in Japanese, then switch to the one in English at 9am EST.

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+++++++ Recommendations +++++++

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=== Live Streaing in English ===

=== Brief Tutorials How to do Sashiko ===

Also, our website answers to most of the questions and provide more information & history of Sashiko.
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