Military Shirt Style: How To Style and Why You Should Own One

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As men, we have many different options to choose from when it comes to shirts but there is one shirt that most men are not utilizing in their wardrobe and it’s quite possibly the most badass looking shirt a man can wear. So today I am going to be covering the military shirt and show you how to style it.

Now if you think about it, most of the popular styles of clothing today are military inspired. Such as trench coats, bomber jackets, pea coats, desert boots, combat boots, and cargo pants.

One thing that is common in all these pieces of clothing is that it gives us a more masculine and rugged aesthetic that could potentially intimidate your competition.

So today I would like to introduce to you a shirt that also has a military heritage and that is the military shirt aka utility shirt.

to me, this is the shirt version of the leather biker jacket. it does have a bit of the same aesthetics but with the military shirt, you can actually wear this all-year round and give that bad boy image at any temperature.

Now let’s take a closer look at what exactly makes a military shirt. Starting off, you would have double pockets in the front with a button closure. on the shoulders, you will have eppalates which also has a button closure and in most cases you will also have a band on the inside of the sleeve that attaches to the button on the side of your shirt .

Now compared to the standard button up, there seems to be a lot going on with this shirt, therefore making this a very casual shirt.

Now as for who it’s for? any man at any age can pull off this shirt. especially if you need more pockets.

I’ll give you three ways on how I would personally style this shirt.

for the first look, I went very casual here using the military shirt as my layering piece and just wore it open. I paired it with some dark washed denim and all white sneakers. This is an outfit many young guys can utilize.

Now if you want to up the rugged-ness a bit than try pairing it wit any kind of boot you may own. Here I decided to go with a pair of tan chelsea boots and also accessorized it with some aviators.

I think the look would be completely badass if I had a beard but baby stubble is all i can do

moving onto the last outfit, it’s somewhat more of a dressy casual outfit. Here I decided to tuck in my military shirt and pair it with the same dark washed denim and switched it up to some lace up boots.

This outfit showcases that you are a refined rugged gentlemen that knows when to clean up a bit but at the same time can still roll the sleeves and kick your ass.


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