Lab Coat Fitness AMA #5

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Welcome to the fifth episode of the LCF AMA series where Yaad Mohammad and Joshua Naterman do their best answering questions sent in by the community. Want to send in your own questions? Go ahead and check out

Covered questions
At 0:41
Abdul Ghani Memon:
What are some good ways to train to improve performance in basketball, i.e. be able to stop on a dime, beat opponent off the dribble / quick first step, etc.

At 05:25
Eliajah Hunsaker:
Will frequent or even daily use of anti-inflammatory medication or anti-histamines have a negative effect on my training?

At 08:19
Richard Walling:
Hey guys, just joined but there are currently no slots open for the lab. Some quick background: I’ve been lifting, rock climbing or doing calisthenics in some combination for the last 8 years. I have a few skills such as a OAC, 90 degree pushup, straddle planche, front lever.

I’m wanting to break my current plateau and get the full planche. So I’m looking to start on periodization but want to know how long I should spend on each chunk. Also, for the mass phase do you prefer a P/P/L style routine or full body routines?

I’m wanting to looking to get start...

At 11:59
Jon Galvan:
Hi! I really liked the protein doses article, but I have a question. What happens if we take a whey shake and immediately after we eat a solid meal like chicken with veggies? Do we absorb the whey protein first and then slowly digest the chicken protein? If not, what if we wait 30-45 minutes between the shake and the solid meal? I have the same question too about a whey and casein mix. Thanks guys!

At 15:17
Reigo Lass:
There is a yearly competition I’m thinking of participating sometime in the future.

The rules are you do five exercises for most reps. Whoever gets the most total reps wins. The exercises are dips, pullups, bench with your bodyweight, squat with 1,5xbodyweight added and deadlift with 1,8x bodyweight added.

How would you structure you’re training throughout the year to get the most reps in all the exercises. How would you approach this competition generally. Thank you.

At 21:49
Alex F.:
Would someone with “mild” injuries typical from bodyweight training (such as costochondritis) be suitable to do the program?

If it was possible, how should rehab be implemented into the program?

At 24:22
Lucas Sampaio:
I’m interested in starting a plant-based diet, but is taking meat out of the equation worse for my gains? I understand I will likely need to eat 20% more protein or so, but are there any other recommendations for plant-based athletes?

At 32:05
Mauro Gomez Alvarez:
What is LCF current position respect to metabolic stress for muscle growth?

At 36:54
Cody Clark:
Are there any extra strength gains from doing freestanding hspu’s instead of focusing on wall handstand pushups? Could I see similar strength gains by working up to weighted hspu’s instead of working up to 90-degree pushups?

At 43:44
Robert Burtchell:
Is powerbuilding a thing? What’re your thoughts on it? Is it something that can be done with bodyweight training using skills and such?

At 45:25
Roy Bassil:
Curious about your thoughts on Rope Climbing. Any advantages over regular pulling work with the bar? What are the risks versus rewards?

At 53:00
Anssi Liback
Would you please share your opinions on these studies done on elderly men where vitamin C and E supplementation is shown to reduce the effects of strength training?
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