How To Sew THE PERFECT BODYSUIT (Sewing Pattern Making Included) 3 Styles - Kim Dave

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I demo how to sew the perfect bodysuit in this pattern and sewing tutorial. I take you through finding the right fabrics, taking the necessary measurements to sewing the bodysuit.

Measurements needed for bodysuit
Bustline, waistline, hipline, crotch depth, vertical distance from shoulder to bust, vertical distance from bust to waist
Measurements needed for sleeve
sleeve length, around bicep, around elbow, around wrist, vertical distance from shoulder to bicep, vertical distance from bicep to elbow, vertical distance from elbow to wrist.

Got my fabrics here

How to sew the perfect bodysuit starts at 00:00
Intro 00:28
Fabric shopping 01:30
Design 04:14
Measurements 04:57
Pattern making 06:06
Bodysuit cutting 13:17
Bodysuit sewing 15:10
Fitting 16:14
Style 1 reveal 20:00
Style 2 reveal 23:37
Style 3 reveal 24:30

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