Коп по войне. Гельмут Вайссвальд. Фильм 358.

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Коп в лесах Ленинградского фронта.
Магазин "Поиск кладов"
Все для военной археологии и поиска кладов - https://wunderwald.ru/
Официальная группа в VK - https://vk.com/public183683105
СПБ, улица Гороховая д. 50
Тел: +79119568109, Гельмут Вайссвальд
Military archeology. Film 358. Leningrad front.
Hello. My name’s Helmut Weisswald.
On my channel you can see videos dedicated to the excavations in the forests of the Leningrad front. During the Second World war, these places were the most severe battles.That's why we still find the remains of Red Army and Wehrmacht soldiers. There are many interesting finds in these places. For example, personal belongings of soldiers, weapons, ammunition, awards and coins. All these finds are of great historical value. So if you are interested in history, subscribe to the channel.

#Копповойне #excavations #WW2
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